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The RL3400DL dual workstation powered e-Bike service stand.

RL3400DL Dual Sided Lyft System


Introducing the Ryno Lyft, a new modular design in powered eBike service lifts.

The RynoLyft RL3400DL is a Dual Lyft, dual workstation system with 110 lb. capacity on each side, plenty of power to elevate any e-Bike, no matter how accessorized it is. 

Plug it into any convenient 110 volt AC wall outlet. 

Or plug it into any vehicle's 12 volt accessory outlet with the optional RL3400CC Coiled Cord.

Or use the available battery pack.

Use the RynoLyft at the trailhead or in your store's parking lot!

Pricing includes the steel base plate.

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