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  • Who is behind these RynoLyfts anyway?
    The short answer is two friends that saw a need. Jim, a former Aerospace Tool Maker, and Lee, a licensed Aircraft Mechanic and Medical Imaging Service Engineer. Jim, who had started a very successful e-Bike business, was in need of a solution. Assembling and servicing the heavy e-Bikes on the concrete floor was taking a toll on his knees. There were no solutions commercially available at the time. So, these two friends put their heads together and developed their own powered e-Bike lift. This powered lift became the RynoLyft.
  • Why RynoLyft?
    The RynoLyft was designed to be a durable, simple to use solution to servicing heavy e-bikes. The modular design allows for a single lift workstation or dual lift workstations. A single lift RynoLyft RL3400 can be purchased, and a second workstation can be added later if needed. The RynoLyft is made in the USA from all North American materials. And, being an American company, you can be assured that if you have any questions regarding your RynoLyft, we will be here to help.
  • What is the RynoLyft warranty?
    Our warranty period is one year from delivery date. If any component fails within this warranty period, we will ship a replacement. For free. It's that simple.
  • How can I order a RynoLyft?
    You can order your RynoLyft directly through the website. If you prefer, you can call us. Or text us. Or e-mail us. We're pretty flexible...
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